Classic Two Tier Veil


Looking for a veil with more volume or a blusher to go over the face? This is the right choice for you. All blushers are 60cm long except for on the 60cm long veil where it is 50 cm in length.

Choose your custom edge trimming.

Open Edge: Is simply the cut edge of the tulle. Perfect if you want a subtle veil that fades over into your gown. 

Stitched Edge: A thin stitched edging that defines the drape and flow of your veil while  still remaining delicate.

Swarovski Dotted: Dottted with Swarovski crystals more heavily along the hem and fading out as it goes up. There is a mixture of three different size crystals carefully distributed throughout.    

Narrow Lace 0.75 cm: This narrow lace edge is an all time favourite. The timeless scallop is so dainty That it can easily complement any lace you may already have on your gown. It is also a perfect choice if your gown is already full lace but you simply must have a scallop trim. As it will not overpower you as the center focus. 

Medium Lace 2.5 cm :This is a lovely finish if you are looking for a little more wow in you veil. The simple design is complementary to almost any other lace.

Wide Lace 5 cm: For that statement veil with a vintage flair. This gorgeous lace will add a glamorous richness to your bridal look.

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Shoulder 60cm, Elbow 78cm, Fingertip 105cm, Knee 125, Floor 170, Chapel 200cm, Cathedral 300cm


Open Edge, Stitched Edge, Swarovski Dotted, Narrow Lace 0.75 cm, Medium Lace 2.5 cm, Wide Lace 5 cm


White, Off White

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